Wednesday, March 3, 2010



Well if not, it's that site from the Philippines created by group of H!P and KPOP fans.

I don't post quite a lot in my blog because of that. I'm actually the creator of the site. :))

Not to brag about it or anything, I'm just saying.

The blog has a lot of views now and it was recognize by International Wota

Here's the site

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Konbanwa :>

Last time I checked. My last post was December 30. That was like over a month ago. So anyways. Belated Happy New Year.

A lot of things has happened in a matter of 1 month

First I wanna start with Morning Musume's 42nd single Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai

I really like this single. But I never quite got into it after a week the PV was released. I actually got into it just this
after I watched the Utaban performance of the girls. Yeah they performed at Utaban after how many years. I can't even
remember the last time they performed at Utaban. And the OG's are there too. Particularly Ogawa Makoto which I haven't
seen for a while now.

I don't quite get it what the PV is all about. But overall I like the costume, I like the dance, and I like the song. Gotta rate
it at 4.5/5

Next to my list is my Korean counterpart of Morning Musume (No it's not After School)

(commercial: Safari's not loading the mv)

I like the outfits in this one more than the last two singles. Cheerleading outfits are the best. The song also sold a lot
better than Tell me your wish (no I don't think this sold better than Gee). So I'm expecting this song will win Mutizen
award this week in Inkigayo.

And up next is my current addiction

Big Bang :>

Their latest single Koe wo Kikasete (I know it was released last November) is something to rant about. I really love it.
I like seeing Taeyang and Daesung singing lead and GD and TOP with the rap. And the lyrics are good (I've watched the
subbed version of it)

Though It's an Airi song. I still like how the others backed her up so well. And the outfits! This was like their best outfits
since Namida no Iro. No kidding. The other outfits suck (well except for Everyday Zekkouchou which I think is ok)

And finally, I never thought a day would come when I LOVE a new girl other than Airi and Chisa

Suddenly Mai is my new favorite. She just rushed up to number 1 recently with Airi and Chisa following at 2 and 3 respectively.

I love the smile of this girl XD (Effin I downloaded her PB just recently. I'm gonna make a new Avatar out of it)

so that's it thanks for wasting your time in my blog